Treatment operators and exporters

Treatment operators (and exporters) of discarded electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (WEEE) are legally obliged to report to the National (W)EEE Register (NWR). If you are not sure whether you are a treatment operator (or exporter) of WEEE, please refer to FAQ question 2 or contact the Waste Information Helpdesk ( / +31 88 7977102: 9:00 – 12:00). If you have a treatment contract with one of the collective systems below, please contact them to tune the reported WEEE collected by the collective systems with the reported WEEE treated by you.


Collective systems

PV Cycle
Stichting RTA
Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland
WEEE Nederland

Signing in

The Register contacts the collective systems to ensure the effective reporting of the WEEE that has been collected (and possibly exported) by them. Treatment operators (and exporters) that treat Dutch WEEE can use this web form to sign in. 



Treatment operators (and exporters) of WEEE are legally obliged to report to the National (W)EEE Register for the previous year before 1 May. You will find the reporting form after you login here. You automatically receive a login and password after you have signed in via the web form.


Hotline (unknown) operators  

Do you know an entity that you think is an operator of WEEE and that does not appear on the list of known operators of WEEE (see link in orange frame top right)? You can report this entity to the Dutch Inspection (ILT) via this link. Fill in “afval” at “rubriek” and “free riders en illegaliteit” at “soort”. Give your mail address in step 2 and ILT directly sends a verification mail with a link to a web form in which you briefly explain your report.


Registered operators and exporters

Click here for the current overview of operators/exporters that have signed in. The inspection and enforcement of Cenelec certification is carried out by the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

In the table WX stands for Cenelec certified; X means that the status concerning Cenelec is unknown.