Producers and importers (hereafter called: producers) of electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (EEE) are legally obliged to register on the Nationaal (W)EEE Register (NWR) and to report to the NWR yearly. If you want to know whether you are a producer of EEE or not, please see the FAQ page or contact the Waste Information Helpdesk ( / +31 88 7977102: 9:00 – 12:00). If you are affiliated as a producer of EEE to one of the producer collectives or collective systems below, they will take care of the registration and reporting for you.

Producer collectives

Collective systems

PV Cycle PV Cycle
Stichting RTA Stichting RTA
Stichting FIAR CE Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland
Stichting ICT Milieu Wecycle
Stichting Lightrec WEEE Nederland
Stichting Metalektro Recycling  
Stichting NVLG Grootkeuken Recycling  
Stichting Verwijdering Elektrische Gereedschappen  
Stichting Witgoed  
Stichting Zonne-energie Recycling Nederland  
WEEE Nederland  


The NWR itself contacts the collective systems to ensure the effective registration of all participating producers. Producers that individually meet their obligations in the WEEE Directive can use this web form to register. The producers of lighting are an exception to the rule: they must take part under the AVV (Universally Binding Agreement) of the Foundation Lightrec and contact the collective system Wecycle.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please email or call +31 79 7600 680.


Producers of EEE are legally obliged to report to the National (W)EEE Register for the previous year before 1 May. You will find the reporting form after you login here. You automatically receive a login and password after you have registered via the web form.

Hotline (non registered) producers  

Do you know an entity that you think is a producer of EEE and that does not appear on the list of registered producers (see link in orange frame top right)? You can report this entity to the Dutch Inspection (ILT) via this link. Fill in “afval” at “rubriek”and “free riders en illegaliteit” at “soort”. Give your mail address in step 2 and ILT directly sends a verification mail with a link to a web form in which you briefly explain your report.”

Registered producers

Click here for the current overview of producers (and importers) of EEE that have registered.

Questions about the WEEE Directive?

The Register does not answer any content-related questions about the WEEE Directive and its Dutch implementation of the Regeling AEEA other than the questions included in the FAQs. The Ministry has set up a specialist desk for this purpose, called Waste Information Desk.