Welcome to the Nationaal (W)EEE Register

The Nationaal (W)EEE Register (hereinafter called: the Register) has been delegated by the Dutch Government to organise the tasks related to the registration and reporting obligation stipulated in the Dutch implementation of the WEEE Directive. The Register is funded by the producers and importers (hereafter called: producers) of electric and electronic equipment and energy saving lamps (EEE). The Register’s client is the Government. Producers of EEE and treatment operators of discarded electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (WEEE) register at and report to the Register. 

The National (W)EEE Register reports yearly, before the 1st of July, to the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management on the previous calendar year, at least:

  • the total quantity of EEE Put on Market in the Netherlands;
  • the total amount of electrical and electronic equipment collected and recycled, and
  • the results with regards to achieving the targets of recycling as referred to in Annex V of The Directive 2012/19/EU. 

Am I a producer and must I register?

Yes, as a producer of EEE you must register. The definition of a producer is specified in Article 1.p of the Dutch implementation of the WEEE Directive. Webshops also fall under this definition. For retailers and importers, the following rule of thumb applies: If the invoice from the supplier of electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (EEE) specifies a VAT zero rate or a foreign (not Dutch) VAT rate, then you are the producer. If you are already a member of a producer collective or to a collective system, you do not need to do anything because those organisations will take care of the registration and the reporting for you. Producers that individually meet their obligations in the WEEE Directive can register on the page for producers.

Am I a treatment operator and must I register?

Yes, as an operator or exporter you must register. A treatment operator is a company that converts or processes discarded electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (WEEE) in the Netherlands or exports them abroad to be processed. As an exporting trader you are therefore also a treatment operator that must report collection and (material) recycling. WEEE that is collected by an individual producer or a collective system in the Netherlands and is processed at your premises does not need to be reported: the producer or collective system will do that. In addition, stocks of electronics (from producers) that are destroyed do not need to be reported because they were never put on the market in the first place. Treatment operators can register on the page for treatment operators.

What does registration cost?

For treatment operators registration is free. The producers pay for the costs of the Nationaal (W)EEE Register.  Producers that register individually will receive an invoice from the Register of maximum €175,- per year. The rate for reporting year 2019 is set at € 100 per producer per year; the rate for reporting year 2020 will be announced shortly. For producers that are affiliated to a producer collective the costs will be payed and cleared by the collective.


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You can login here as producer, operator or collective to adjust your registration data.

To get a login and password, you can register on the page for operators or the page for export reuse.


Publication of report 2019

On September 17th, the State Secretary of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has provided the report of the National (W)EEE Register on the 2019 results to the Monitoring Council.

The collection percentage of 2019 comes down to 48%, which unfortunately is not enough the reach the legal target of 65% despite all efforts deliverd through the 65% action plan.

The State Secretary has requested all parties in the Monitoring Council to privide measures which parties in the Monitoring Council are gonna take to ensure reaching the target as soon as possible.

The formal report can be downloaded here.