About the Register

The National (W)EEE Register is responsible for setting up and managing a register for (discarded) electrical and electronic equipment in the Netherlands. The Register has been delegated by the Government to perform these tasks in the context of the Dutch implementation of the WEEE Directive (which stems the European WEEE Directive).

The Register collects and aggregates data and makes it accessible, with the aims of reporting to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and preparing for enforcement by Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

The Register provides an insight into the number of electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs on the Dutch market (EEE), the number of discarded electrical appliances and low-energy light bulbs (WEEE), and the material reuse of the WEEE.

The National (W)EEE Register is an independent foundation and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 59915706. The Register operates in accordance with the following values: reliable, neutral, consistent and professional. The Register is funded by the producers.

Monitoring Council

The collection of WEEE is complex and involves many parties. In addition to producers and treatment operators, the parties also include collection companies, (municipal) waste collection points and the retailers. That is why it was jointly agreed to set up a Monitoring Council. The Monitoring Council assesses and advises on matters such as realising the collection target in the Directive, research, quantitative analyses, and reporting to the Minister of Infrastructure and Environment and the European Commission. The members of the Monitoring Council are the abovementioned parties.


The National (W)EEE Register ensures that the reported numbers of producers and treatment operators are handled confidentially. The Register publishes and reports aggregated data to the Dutch Ministry. The Dutch Inspection authority has insight in the database with individual data. Some registered data of individual producers (such as the name) is indeed published, but then by order of and in consultation with the Government and/or the Monitoring Council. One of the reasons why this data is published is so that “freeriders” can be tracked down.


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Questions about the WEEE Directive?

The Register does not answer any content-related questions about the WEEE Directive other than the questions included in the FAQs. The Government has set up a specialist desk for this purpose, called Waste Information Desk.